Crew & Maintenance:

Any journey you embark on in your jet should be relaxing, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe. We take great care in selecting the very best flight crew to staff your journey. From reliable and courteous flight attendants to expert pilots, our deep-rooted relationships with the industry’s best professionals will ensure you get exactly what you want out of each flight you take.

Each pilot we select to join our team is extensively scrutinized based on their flying record, hours logged, and a variety of other categories to ensure they are highly skilled in piloting your aircraft. They are then rigorously trained to enhance their existing skills while building on new ones in order to exceed industry standards in safety and flight. Once they are ready to take flight, we continue to evaluate, mentor, and train them further, to ensure your pilot is always at the top of their game, and prepared to take you to any destination you desire.

Maintaining your corporate aircraft is the most important aspect of ownership. It is paramount to ensure your aircraft is always in flying condition and meets a variety of safety standards, so every passenger arrives at their destination safely. Additionally, proper maintenance extends the lifespan of your investment and helps to maintain factory efficiency in areas such as fuel efficiency, which can considerably lower your operational costs over time.

To maintain peak performance, you need a team that is knowledgeable of any corporate jet inside and out. A team that can not only identify a problem, but repair it quickly and on budget so you can get in the air as soon as possible. That’s where you need our team. We help you meet and exceed the rigorous standards of maintaining your aircraft through tracking its flights and thoroughly inspecting it to identify any routine maintenance or unexpected services that need to be performed. Once a problem is identified, our team of experts will get to work to resolve any issue so you can get back into the skies in no time.