Our Values:

“Buying a private aircraft is anything but a straightforward process. Not only do you need to have a sharp mind that knows the world of aviation to ensure you get the perfect jet to suit your needs, but proper understanding of the tax liability, legalities, available warranties, aircraft evaluation process and more is critical in choosing not only the right jet, but the right management team as well. It’s impossible to expect anyone to become an expert in any of these areas overnight. You’ll need help. You need Park City Aviators.

We work one-on-one with each of our clients to gather the right information to determine exactly what your needs are. Factors such as maximum range, passenger capacity, fuel economy, and more all come into play during the initial evaluation. From there, we utilize our extensive industry relationships built over decades to find the right solution for your private aircraft needs by scouring both on and off-market options. This process of building a custom-tailored approach to finding the perfect aircraft for your needs ensures you get exactly what you want or more according to your profile.

Finding the right management team can be the most daunting step of all. A proper management team is key in hiring the right crew to coordinate and pilot your flights, store your aircraft, and manage your accounting, while also understanding the fatigue an aircraft goes through and the routine maintenance needed to combat this normal wear and tear. In this day of pilot shortages, we only staff outstanding world-class pilots to ensure the utmost safety and superlative decision making in the sky. At the end of the day, making the right choice can save you millions through superior maintenance and streamlined processes. Our aircraft management solutions will maximize your aircraft utilization to help you get the most out of your investment.”

- Pete A. Zaccagnino